Our Bitcoin Vision

Existing cold (Deep and Home STASH) storage hardware wallets, which offer self-custody solutions and are considered to be most secure form to store ones private keys; don’t provide user-friendly experiences, and don’t offer seamless way to connect to your Spend STASH mobile app.

Get To Know Us

We created GILDI for the Bitcoin community. There are plenty of crypto Apps and hardware wallets on the market, but none include a unified and simple to use experience, whether you are getting into Bitcoin for the first time or if you’ve been a HODLer for years.

GILDI Home STASH KeyRing and GILDI Home STASH App is our introductory Bitcoin solution that provides Security, Privacy and Convenience of wireless cold storage with a simple integration into mobile Bitcoin Spend App to Send/Receive and Monitor your Bitcoin portfolio.


What Does GILDI Mean? 

In old Nordic communities, GILDI was the term used for close-knit guilds, celebratory feasts, and payment, both sending and receiving. This term perfectly encapsulates what we’re creating, namely a world-class portfolio tracker and community who cooperates, collaborates, and celebrates our victories together.

GILDI - Feast, guild, payment due, tribute, offerings or compensation, recompense, return


Have A Suggestion?

We’re always looking for ways to improve and welcome feedback from our community. Want to see a new feature in the GILDI app? Want to add your token to our database? Have a general idea on how we can enhance our app? Drop us a line below. Whether good or bad, we read every piece of feedback submitted, so let us know what’s on your mind!


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